Do you buy on and do you want to save your money? Do you know that Amazon makes over 4.000 discounts by day?

SeguiPrezzi for iPad is an essential tool for costumer that want to save his money buying items on With the SeguiPrezzi app you'll never lost an instant discount that usually make on 4.000+ items, without claim about it so much. Thanks to our automated price history, you'll always know you are buying a product at the lowest possible price.

Don't hesitate to a contact me for any help.

So, SeguiPrezzi is not an online store and doesn't sell any products or services, but it is an useful tool for consumers who want to know if it's the best moment to proceed with a purchase on, providing a historical prices of 250,000+ products monitored.

User Interface is very intuitive and it is designed for the new iPad Retina display.

Here the main features of SeguiPrezzi for iPad:

- 4000+ products daily discounted directly from
- Easy navigation in the main categories catalog
- Exploration by categories and subcategories ordered by latest discounts, more discounted items, and lower prices.
- Item research by keywords and by copy & paste the link to the item page
- Historical graph and table showing item prices with automatic recommendations by SeguiPrezzi to know immediately if you should buy soon the item or you have to wait for a lower price.

- Follow a product that you would like to buy, but not immediately, is easy: simply tap the little star in the item's detail sheet, set the price threshold below which you want to be notified, and a Push Notification will notify you at the right time.
- When do you receive a Push Notification you can show only the under warning threshold items, touching the star-shaped button (next to the "My Follow" button).
- You can advise your friends via twitter or email that there is a particularly interesting discount.

SeguiPrezzi for iPad is the application, the first and only italian portal entirely dedicated to price changes in, which daily monitors more than 250,000 items. The goal, in fact, is to offer a unique shopping experience and to help consumers to save money on your purchase. Crisis or no crisis, saving money is always good!


SeguiPrezzi for iPad is an application created by Davide Troise ( featuring Antonio Troise.
Seguiprezzi's website is an Antonio Troise idea and creation.
Amazon trademark and the items informations are property of Amazon EU Sarl.


  1. How can I set a different homepage?
    You can choose a category and and order for the items, or you can make a research, or go to your Followed. Then you have to touch the Settings button on the top right of the screen and choose "Set current page as homepage".

  2. I would like to reset the original homepage, how can I do it?
    Choose "All the categories" as category, and "Last discounted" as order for the items. Then you have to touch the Settings button on the top right of the screen and choose "Set current page as homepage".

  3. There is only one image in the item detail sheet, are there any other item's pictures?
    If you touch the item's picture you can see it blowing up. When avalaible, you can see the other pictures simply swiping right and left.

  4. I didn't set an item price I want to be notified when it goes down. If the item is discounted, when I will be notified?
    If you don't set a threshold price it will be automatically calculated by SeguiPrezzi. So, the next time you open an item detail sheet, you'll see it in the "threshold price" field.