I'm an italian iOS developer and you can find my application on the App Store. You can contact me to design, develop and implement your ideas on an iPhone or iPad app.

Here you'll find a description and an user guide for my applications. The last one for iPad is SeguiPrezzi:

SeguiPrezzi for iPad is an essential tool for costumer that want to save his money buying items on Amazon.it. With the SeguiPrezzi app you'll never lost an instant discount that Amazon.it usually make on 4.000+ items, without claim about it so much. Thanks to our automated price history, you'll always know you are buying a product at the lowest possible price.

Follow a product that you would like to buy, but not immediately, is easy: simply tap the little star in the item's detail sheet, set the price threshold below which you want to be notified, and a Push Notification will notify you at the right time.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any help.

Another successfull app is for iPad is Family Finance:

Family Finance is a simple and complete application to keep track of the expenses in a family or in a group of persons, e.g. students which live together. So you that can avoid to create a mutual found (or kitty), so difficult to manage. With Family Finance you can just add a not Personal expense: the app will calculate how much debt the other group components have accumulated.

It is also possible to monitor expenses depending their category, thanks to a table showing the amounts, divided by month.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any help.

My first app was Chords Archiver:

Search and archive your favourite songs

  • You can add song chords and tabs by hand or searching on the internet with an optimized Safari launch for songs searching.
  • Songs are organized by author and you can mark preferred songs with a star
  • Starred songs are also displayed in a separated menu you can easly organize: a real outline for your live performance!

Autoscroll and easy-browsing

  • You can set the ideal speed for automatic scroll
  • Super-quick browse through starred songs swiping on the display


  • Chords Archiver is translated in English and Italian.