Mutual found and complicated calculations, goodbye!

Family Finance is a simple and complete application to keep track of the expenses in a family or in a group of persons, e.g. students which live together. So you that can avoid to create a mutual found (or kitty), so difficult to manage.
With Family Finance you can just add a not Personal expense: the app will calculate how much debt the other group components have accumulated.
It is also possible to monitor expenses depending their category, thanks to a table showing the amounts, divided by month.

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In this section you can add expenses, incomes, refound (between group components) and balance corrections (in case of some difference between Balance and the actually owned money, due to carelessness). You can filter Detail by categories, persons, date interval and text in description, in the vendor (or income payer) name or searching a specific amount or receipt number.


This section shows the global situation of the family (or group) Expenses, Incomes, and Balances. In all subsection personal, shared or total amount for each person are shown. In Balances are displayed any debt (or credit) of a person respect the others.


This section permits to have a detailed vision of Expenses and Incomes during the year, divided by Category or Vendor/Payer. In this section there are transaction and person filters too.


In the last section it is possible to customize the behaviour and the look of the application, protect it with a password, create backup file in TSV (tab separated values) format and restore a previous backup

For any expense or income it is possible to record

  • Date
  • Descriprion
  • Vendor (or Payer for Incomes)
  • Category
  • Person who made the expense (or received the income)
  • Receipt number (to write down on the receipt before storing it)
  • Sign of Personal expense (then to be excluded from debt and cretits calculation)
  • Expense or income amount